Weddings With Twins

And so wedding season is upon us! Although it's only the two weddings this year it's feeling like practice for our own in just 11 months time (Eek!!). The twins are incredibly 14 months and it feels like the worst time possible to be dealing with taking them to a wedding. On Saturday we went… Continue reading Weddings With Twins


Milk time – Why do mums shame each other so much?

I'm really lucky that breastfeeding worked out for me in the end. It was something I had envisioned doing when I fell pregnant and I am glad that I was able to however, it didn't come without it's difficulties. While I would consider myself to be pro breastfeeding, I have no problem with formula and… Continue reading Milk time – Why do mums shame each other so much?

Why I deleted Facebook

About 6 months ago I deleted my Facebook account. Before the twins were born I had decided I didn't want any pictures of them on the internet, however this lasted about 2 minutes after I saw how gorgeous they were and wanted to share them with my friends and family! I found myself posting pictures… Continue reading Why I deleted Facebook


Wedding Planning With Twins

When we found out we were pregnant my OH decided it was about time he pulled his thumb out and proposed. As much as he tells me it had nothing to do with my being pregnant I'm not sure but either way I'll take it. Now we've been putting off setting a date for a… Continue reading Wedding Planning With Twins


That ‘mum’ guilt

When you tell people you're pregnant they fill you with these ideas of how wonderful it's going to be and how much you'll enjoy it. I don't remember anybody telling me about the guilt that comes hand in hand with being a mum. But why would you feel guilty! I hear you say. Well, just… Continue reading That ‘mum’ guilt


Our First Picnic

If you're living in the UK then you'll know that last week was sweltering. I'm not good in hot weather (or cold weather really) so for me it was torture but it did give us a chance to head out and catch some sun and we even had our first family picnic! It blows my… Continue reading Our First Picnic


Back to the Beginning

A friend of my partner has just had his first child and it is taking me back to the first few weeks at home with our little ones. I'm going to say something that a lot of people have not taken well when I said it. I had many disgusted and pitying looks when I… Continue reading Back to the Beginning