Our First Picnic

If you’re living in the UK then you’ll know that last week was sweltering. I’m not good in hot weather (or cold weather really) so for me it was torture but it did give us a chance to head out and catch some sun and we even had our first family picnic! It blows my mind that we now have two creatures that can sit up and feed themselves. 6 months ago I couldn’t have even imagined going out for food and now we’ve managed a picnic with minimal slip ups!

Now I must admit, since giving birth I have let myself go a little. I don’t mean weight wise (chasing round twins and breastfeeding them both has ensured I’ve lost most of my baby belly) I just mean general upkeep. So hot weather is nice for most people but in order for me to get my shorts out I had to get rid of the woolly cover I had grown over them in the past few months (and yes I do mean months!).

So with a picnic blanket, flask of tea and sandwiches for everyone involved all packed up we managed to make it out and enjoy our first outdoor meal as a family. If anybody gets the chance to head over to Titersworth Water then I’d really recommend it, especially with youngsters. The play area is fantastic for all ages and I would have loved to have played on everything but the kids aren’t big enough to look after themselves just yet.


Not only is there a fantastic play area but there is also a beautiful couple of walks, a river, a lake and a cafe. We even managed to get icecream for the dog! And he loved it.


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