Wedding Planning With Twins

When we found out we were pregnant my OH decided it was about time he pulled his thumb out and proposed. As much as he tells me it had nothing to do with my being pregnant I’m not sure but either way I’ll take it. Now we’ve been putting off setting a date for a while now because we wanted the kids to older, we wanted to save up, excuses, excuses, excuses… Last week my grandma had a fall and this resulted in a broken hip and she’s currently in hospital recovering but it made me realise that if I want everyone I love there then I’m going to have to speed things up!

So in a matter of days we’ve sorted the date, the venue, the dress (I had already got a dress last year but still), the cake, the food and (almost) the photographer. Finally setting a date has pushed me into action and I’m loving it to say the least! What isn’t so easy is finding time to plan around doing the odd bit of work and looking after the twins.

They came with us to the venue and were excellently behaved. By the next day they were bored of being stuck on mum and dad’s knee so another hour with the registrar was the last thing they wanted! Having said that I’ve come to realise that my kids are incredible. Even more incredible than I knew before! The registrar kept on telling me how she had never met twins as quiet as these two and it’s something that people comment on a lot. That isn’t to say they don’t talk, they’ll chatter quite happily once they’re comfortable but they very rarely cry unless milk is involved. Even when they aren’t happy they’ll let me know in other ways!

So the registrar kept on commenting on how well behaved they were but I could tell that little lady was in a terrible mood because she kept wriggling and squirming. She was fighting me for an hour and when we finally got out she wasn’t happy that she had to get back into the car. But she didn’t cry once! She really is a credit to myself and my OH because I never thought I’d be raising such well tempered children.

Planning the rest of the wedding is bound to be fun but hopefully I’ll be able to keep them onside. Even if it does take a little bit of bribery from time to time



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