Weddings With Twins

And so wedding season is upon us! Although it’s only the two weddings this year it’s feeling like practice for our own in just 11 months time (Eek!!). The twins are incredibly 14 months and it feels like the worst time possible to be dealing with taking them to a wedding.

On Saturday we went to my partner’s mum’s wedding. With a ceremony at 12 and twins that usually go to bed at that time I took some preventative measures (and I’m so glad I did!). With a bag full of snacks we were able to keep the two fairly well distracted for the 30 minute ceremony however that wasn’t the end of the struggles.

Next up was pictures which means I was stood with a bag on my back and holding a child that seems to be getting heavier by the second while trying to photograph as many pictures as possible… Not advised! The good news is I didn’t drop anyone/thing into the river so I’m going to say it was a success.

Fortunately for me I was pretty free to do my own thing and let the kids do as they please. I didn’t have to breastfeed in front of masses of people, just enough people that were polite enough to not mention it!

So here are my top tips for surviving a wedding with young children (they might be changed when we go to a wedding in 3 weeks):
– Take snacks! But don’t let them know their snacks, they’ll misbehave until they get them that way. Only let them have a couple at a time and use that to tide them over.
– Don’t put pressure on yourself. Don’t let anyone rope you into helping out with anything, you’ve already got the kids to fuss about.
– If someone wants to hold them then let them. It might be that you barely see them all day but you could run the risk of very tired arms after an hour if you don’t take advantage of it when it does happen.
– Have a family picture! It’s a momentous occasion and you’ll want to remember it, even if it’s a nightmare.
– Plan for your normal routine to go to hell. Bed time and food will be all over the place. It’s only one day, don’t stress over it.
– Enjoy what you can. It might be a drink, it might be a dance, it might be the food but just take pleasure where you can.



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